Our Solutions

Disruptive research and innovation is not just what we do. Citimatics also provides practical state of the art asset-less electronic road pricing for parking and toll roads, payment systems unlike any other, big data analytics and much more.

Parking, Permits & Citations Processing Management

  • A next gen system that can be deployed stand-alone or integrated with current incumbent systems to provide a seamless, efficient, user-friendly and cost-effective parking operation.
  • Citation processing, from initial issuance of a Citation to final resolution by payment, dismissal, or other disposition.
  • Map existing physical meter inventory or create virtual parking meters or zones including residential permits, etc.
  • Supports all phases of system admin setup, roles, administrative review and adjudication, appeals, accounting, financial services and reporting.
  • Configured for municipalities, airports, universities, private garages, hotels and hospitals.


Parking Enforcement at the speed of light.

Tire chalking and even hand-held ANPR enforcement devices are now a thing of the past. Our mobile enforcement uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in our Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) engine and can achieve an accuracy of 99%. It is capable of scanning and citing 2 vehicles per second while driving at speeds up to 55Mph/Hr. The citations for un-paid parking can be issued in real-time via SMS, App and Email. With this kind of efficiency and productivity, enforcement officers can cover more ground, scan more vehicles, and increase compliance and revenues exponentially.

  • Integrated or stand-alone solution that offers enforcement management capabilities for scheduling, asset management and beat enforcement optimization.
  • Includes deployment strategies, detailed shift assignments for personnel and enforcer tracking. Identifies enforcement sectors, beats and RPP Areas.
  • Integration and real-time sync with PPCPM and Handheld Ticket Issuance System App on Android that captures color photos, voice memos, time-gaps and GPS coordinates during citation issuance. Repeat violators, vehicles and permits are searched in real-time against government databases.
  • No more proprietary and expensive License Plate Recognition (LPR) and cumbersome handheld ticket issuing systems. No more walking and chalking cars one by one.
  • License plate hidden (parallel parked) or viewable, our patented technology allows a parking control enforcer to tag many cars in a single scan for field-viewing of active/expired parking sessions directly within the Mobile App or our vehicle based system.

following are the three videos we have for our enforcement module :

Multi-Channel Payment Platform

One payments platform with multiple payment channels for parking, tolls and mass transit – Stand alone or integrated into your existing system - give your consumers the power of choice.


    You already use your phone for just about everything. Now you can pay with it too. Just add your credit / debit card and away you go. Finding and paying for parking and toll is just a tap and swipe away– it's that easy. Our patent-pending user interface and payment experience makes navigating to the exact parking spot and paying for parking fun and engaging. Pay for the exact time parked. No need to figure out minimum or maximum parking time. No worries about extending time and a walk back to the meter. No more disturbed meetings. Get the app and experience next gen payments and navigation.


    Don't have a smartphone? No worries. Citimatics allows for a parking operator, manager or municipality to offer its users a “Pay-By-Text" option. Once registered via text or online, the customer can simply pull into a parking spot, on the street or in a garage, in a city or a town, and respond with just the minutes desired to park plus the bay, lot, zone or meter number ascribed to that spot. The number corresponding to the spot will either be on the ground, or on a nearby sign. The customer will receive a reply text confirming receipt of payment. The customer will then receive a 5-minute courtesy warning, via text, of the imminent expiration, at which time they have the option of "feeding the meter" via text only without having to make the trek back to their vehicle. Rates are set by the operator, manager, or municipality, dynamically, and there is no need to download an app. The Pay-By-Text module also works for public transport and tolls.


    For customers who don't want to text and prefer a friendly voice at the other end of the phone; we have Interactive Voice Response. With IVR, your customers can get clear instructions on how and where to park, hear the parking fees, confirm vehicles, change their vehicles, and make payments by credit/debit card all by simply following the voice commands. Our proven, streamlined call flow makes it easy for your customers to pay in less than 30 seconds via a dedicated, toll-free number and get their receipts via text and email.


    Enable your customers to make parking, toll and public transport payment in seconds, simply by scanning the QR code from our App. Unlike others who send you to a website, our technology makes an actual payment transaction! Parking operators can generate codes for meters and zones for indoor/outdoor garages. No more kiosks, damaged tickets or POS machines for credit/debit cards. Just scan and go!


    Okay, you forgot your phone AND your credit/debit card AND you only have cash and NO change. You don't want to get a ticket. No worries. We've got you covered. Just provide your license no and the parking amount to your friendly merchant to pay for you. It’s that easy!


    Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) is a protocol used by GSM cellular telephones to communicate with the service provider's computers. Our USSD platform can be used to pay for parking, tolls and public transport and allows a two-way exchange of a sequence of Citimatics’s menus. This makes USSD more responsive than services that use SMS. Check out our USSD payment service. No smartphone needed. It even works on old feature phones.

Wide Area Tolling & Digital Road Pricing

  • Instead of toll booths and gantries, the system uses satellites to determine when a vehicle enters a priced zone or road and the distance it clocks in that zone. It has wide area and flexible coverage, and the ability to dynamically charge for distance travelled and time of day for congestion management i.e. automatic charging for off-peak car usage or “congestion pricing”. It also pushes out real-time traffic information and informs motorists of a priced road ahead, as well as the charges, allowing them enough time to switch routes, time of travel or use public transport instead - thus easing traffic congestion. Setting up toll roads is labor and capital intensive, requiring huge overhead costs in building and maintaining toll booths and gantries and then staffing them. They can also be limiting in a growing city. Contact us for a demonstration of our Asset-less Satellite based road pricing system that can map any road or zone and turn it into a priced road without any upfront cost!

Cloud Analytics & Real-Time Visualization

Big Data and Analytics – Cities are realizing that they can leverage big data analytics to gain actionable insights on a wide range of topics to improve the decision-making process. Our cloud analytics can help to optimize parking and toll pricing, narrow down on violation zones and residential permits, deliver a better quality of services and make cities a safer place to live and park. Our dashboards deliver important operational insights and provide situation awareness to enables cities to relate to citizens.
Below are just a few of the metrics that Citimatics’s Cloud Analytics & Real-Time Visualization module and dashboards can be used for:

  • Visualize parking trends
  • Optimize parking supply and demand
  • Traffic planning for upcoming events
  • Planning for enforcement routes
  • Data to determine demand based pricing rates and hours
  • Benchmarking
  • Traffic violations (types)
  • Accidents
  • Citations and Fines by road
  • Profitability and revenues
Check out a sample dashboard here  

P.A.Y.D Insurance

  • Our telematics based platform can be used by insurance companies for not only locating stolen vehicles but Pay-As-You-Drive auto insurance programs based on time, distance, place AND behavior. Programs that adjust rates based on the number of miles you drive, driver behavior and history. PAYD insurance awards those who drive less and more carefully with substantial savings on their premiums.

Mass Transit -Ticketless fare

  • Long queues at costly ticket counters and kiosks, lost or damaged paper tickets, maintenance, long waits, crowding – just a few of the problems that consumers and owners of mass transit face. Citimatics has done something about this by developing a payments system that can be deployed in crowded areas, stations, and at intersections to speed up the process of paying for mass transit. Just Scan-and-Go from hundreds of feet away – No stopping! Access to different transportation modes with a single digital wallet integrated in a cellphone - Metro, bus or taxis, we enable payments for ALL public transport methods with our innovative payments solution.

Mobile Apps

  • A smarter way to park

    Navigation devices and apps shouldn’t leave drivers wondering where to park. Our iOS and Android mobile App’s patent-pending UI UX guides you to the exact available spot. No more circling the block looking for parking, no more wasting gas, no more figuring out how much to pay and how long to pay for, no more frustration of overpaying, underpaying, leaving meetings prematurely OR risking /receiving fines. No more parking stress! Separate your personal and business travel expenses easily. Use the App to rent out your driveway or residential permit– just like AirBnB.

    Slide, flick, tap and swipe. The simple fun and effortless way to pay.