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  • Few motorists are likely to appreciate that municipal parking management is a considerably more complex matter than may appear when they are frustrated by no parking signs, parking citations, poles with multiple confusing instructions, loading zones, handicapped parking, no stopping, variable time limits, too little parking just where they want it, and so on. Municipal parking has many different requirements and there are many stakeholders with conflicting priorities involved in the task of fitting what is sometimes too many automobiles into the scarce spots along our urban streets.

    Enter, Citimatics’s parking management platform that streamlines all aspects of parking management. From citations processing to enforcement, from analytics to adjudication. Flexible and scalable for all your parking and congestion management needs.

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  • Congested infrastructure and shortages of gates and parking have become an all too common issue for major airports as they hit – and even exceed – current airport capacity. Solving these issues for now, and for continued growth, will require a mix of optimization of current and investment in additional infrastructure. It is difficult to know when and what to build: new gates, new terminals or parking garages. Which approach works best for an individual airport will depend as much on its current situation as on growth factors. However, the first place to look for ways to handle more flights, will be in better procedures and planning that optimize use of gates, parking and other infrastructure.

    Citimatics offers fast gateless parking and payment that can ease passenger frustration and congestion and get them to their flights on time.

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  • With university enrollment increasing year by year, college campuses around the world are being placed under increased strain for parking. More students results in more cars on an already stressed parking infrastructure.
    Over the last 20 years, many campuses have shifted their emphasis to manage the demand rather than build more garages, put valuable land to higher uses and avoid construction costs that can run thousands of dollars a space. To accommodate these demands, better parking management and enforcement solutions are required.
    Citimatics not only provides insights into parking inventory but enables universities to manage all aspects of their parking operations. On- and off-street garages and lots, citations, permits, special events and all activities within one unified platform.

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  • The enjoyment fans experience frequently relies on easy and rapid entry and exit. The keys to success are intelligent traffic flow and parking enforcement, stringent revenue control and as always, high levels of customer convenience. Citimatics's complete range of fast flow and pay stadium access solutions guarantees that thousands of fans can enter and exit your stadium effortlessly in the shortest time.

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Hotels And Hospitals

  • Many hotels and hospitals outsource their parking operations to parking services vendors because they think they do not have either the resources or expertise to manage the operation themselves. A parking vendor can offer skilled revenue control, flexible staffing and professional service, so outsourcing may be a good decision. However, the lack of expertise that directs hotels and hospitals toward outsourcing can sometimes lead them to negotiating unfavorable contract terms and loss of potential revenues.

    Let Citimatics show you how to effectively manage your parking easily. Manage different rates for staff, doctors, visitors and guests – based on time, day and events. All from one platform.

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Business Campuses

  • Citimatics’s corporate parking solutions turn a parking lot cost into an asset. The parking facility on your grounds was designed for more than the safe keeping of employees, guests, or clientele vehicles. Your parking structure calls for more than parking management; it should entail a strong element of an investment managing minded team. Your parking lot is akin to a massive ATM machine that is “open for business” 24 hours a day and can be turned into a profit center rather than a cost center.

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Private Garages

  • The upfront cost of kiosks, ticket vending machines, gates, attendants, not to mention maintenance, mutilated and damaged tickets and other inconveniences for yourself and your clients are some of the issues private garage operators face.

    Our Scan-and-Go payment solutions will have your clients moving in and out of your facility easily and quickly, without the hassle of parking vouchers, stubs, vending machines or any physical infrastructure.

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  • Sharing makes the world a better place - So why not apply it to parking.

    We connect empty and unused parking spots with those looking for affordable and convenient parking in crowded neighborhoods. Driveways often sit idle when their owners are at work or out of town. Our App also helps improve traffic flow by making it easy for drivers to find parking rather than circling endlessly in busy neighborhoods.

    Earn extra money when you’re at work or play, and your parking space has nothing to do all day. The Citimatics App lets homeowners rent out those unused driveways to motorists. Think of it as the AirBnB of parking.