Our Innovation

citimatics’s satellite based road pricing, parking, and speed enforcement solutions can replace current capital-intensive technologies like meters, gantries, speed cameras, and toll booths. Our technology also provides a massive opportunity to reduce congestion in cities and freeways while serving to save lives and influence safer and more eco-friendly driving habits.

Meter-less Parking

  • Automatic Payments and collection for parking can now be based on time and place. A municipality can map any area and turn it into a paid parking spot (on-street or off-street) without the need for physical meters and gates. The system provides for pragmatic and dynamic pricing based on events, demand and time of the day. Those areas or zones currently unmetered that the owner would, otherwise, want to meter, can now be monetized with the flip of a switch at no cost!

Mobile & Handheld Parking Enforcement

  • Parking Enforcement at the speed of light.

    Tire chalking and even hand-held ANPR enforcement devices are now a thing of the past. Our mobile enforcement uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in our Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) engine and can achieve an accuracy of 99%. It is capable of scanning and citing 2 vehicles per second while driving at speeds up to 55Mph/Hr. The citations for un-paid parking can be issued in real-time via SMS, App and Email. With this kind of efficiency and productivity, enforcement officers can cover more ground, scan more vehicles, and increase compliance and revenues exponentially.

Wide Area Electronic Road Pricing & Traffic Management

  • Turn any zone or road into a toll road without the need for gantries or toll booths. Our GPS based Digital Road Pricing System can be used in managing road congestion by charging motorists a premium if or when using highly trafficked roads, bridges or freeways during peak hours. Such pricing will encourage motorists to change their mode of transport, travel route, and/or time of travel, reducing congestion.

Congestion & Dynamic Pricing

  • Balance the supply and demand for on and off-street parking and simultaneously ease congestion. During special events, rush hours, weekend nights or other instances when demand is high, parking operators and municipalities can increase rates dynamically to help control the occupancy of their inventory. Similarly, operators can decrease rates when parking demand is low giving the customer an opportunity to park at a rate less than they would otherwise. Volume, during those periods will increase and thus, likely increase revenues for the operator.

Virtual Speed Radars / Cameras

  • Our real-time speed monitoring of registered vehicles enables automatic enforcement and ticketing of speeding vehicles and rash/erratic driving without the need for installing speed radars or cameras. This system can be implemented on any road or highway. Benefits include cost savings in equipment, increase in revenue, and most importantly, a reduction in speed related fatalities.

Precise Location Accuracy

  • Billing based on time, distance, location and speed requires extreme accuracy. Dense urban canyons created by tall buildings in downtown areas impair satellite navigation signals, however, citimatics’s patent-pending algorithms and solutions are able to filter out the noise and make use of multi-constellation GNSS with Navstar GPS, Glonass, Beidou and Galileo for superior and precise location accuracy.

Data Analytics

  • Incorporating a variety of real-time streaming analytics and statistical techniques from predictive modelling, machine learning (Artificial Intelligence) and data mining that analyze current and historical facts about traffic, parking occupancy, revenue, and enforcement, our platform provides reports and detailed information that help urban planners make better decisions and gain actionable insights effortlessly.

Integrated IoT Solutions

  • IoT solutions driven by innovation - The Internet of Things is changing the way smart cities, transportation organizations, transit systems, and consumers think about travel and transport. Citimatics enables end-to-end IoT solutions built for real-world use to improve efficiency and accuracy for parking, tolls, asset tracking, and the overall driving experience. Reduce risk, cut costs, & create new revenue streams.