Our Benefits

As evidence of the following benefits, the implementation of a smart parking and congestion management solution would surely be a great investment for any city government or company. Our current parking inefficiencies are evident by the fact that there are about four parking spaces per vehicle in the United States, and we still can’t find a spot! As the global population continues to grow and urbanize, it is vital to implement a well-planned and convenience-driven parking and traffic solution that can be utilized globally.

  • Park-and-walk-off – (Automatic billing based on time and place)
  • Meter-less Parking – (Virtual meters and zones)
  • Parking-by-the-minute or any policy
  • Utilize un-used space
  • Dynamic demand based pricing
  • In-car information systems versus roadside systems
  • Integrated ticketing & smart payment systems
  • Event & incident management (first responders)
  • Monitoring and enforcement
  • Traffic data collection & processing
  • Enhanced User Experience

    Our parking solution integrates the entire user experience into a unified action. Driver’s payment, spot identification, location search and time notifications all seamlessly become part of the destination arrival process.

  • Optimized parking

    Users find the best spot available, saving time, resources and effort.

  • Reduced traffic

    Traffic flow increases as fewer cars are required to drive around in search of an open parking space.

  • Reduced pollution

    Searching for parking burns millions of barrels of oil a day. Decrease driving time with our App and lower vehicle emissions.

  • Air-BnB for driveways

    Allows consumers to offer their driveways and residential permits for rent to other drivers.

  • Real-Time Data and Trend Insights

    Over time, our smart parking solution can produce data that uncovers correlations and trends of users and lots. These trends can prove to be invaluable to lot owners and municipalities.

  • Decreased Management Costs

    More automation and less manual activity saves on labor cost and resource exhaustion.

  • Increased Service and Brand Image

    A seamless experience can really skyrocket a municipality, corporate or commercial entities brand image to the user. Whether the destination is a city, an airport or a corporate business office, visitors will surely be impressed with the cutting-edge technology and convenience factors.